The dirty truth of bodybuilding – eating after competing

Firstly sorry for the hiatus…

There’s a reason why I’ve been quiet and it’s something I’ve massively debated airing to public view. It’s taken some guts to put this down in writing but it’s something that’s so hidden from view and I feel far too many people suffer after competing

So as you know by now I competed for the first time 4 weeks ago. Amazing day, I absolutely loved every second of it! I placed 7th which I’m so proud of because the line up was tough and I was defiantly the smallest girl on stage.


However something happened to me almost instantly when I stepped off stage and I haven’t been right since.
From the very second my class was done a switch flicked in my brain and all i thought about was food. Despite setting myself a post comp plan my brain over rode everything the minute I was back stage I was eating a packet of crisps and then proceeded to walk through the audience to my family munching creme eggs. That night I ate like food was going out of fashion, I ate until I felt sick. Then I was sick…I purged and deliberately made myself sick. And continued to eat to repeated again.

This cycle carried on for the next 2.5 weeks, binging and purging, binging and purging. Eating to the point of sickness and then shoving my fingers down my throat. Within 2 weeks I had gained 8kg and I hated myself. I couldn’t look at myself in the mirror, I couldn’t stop thinking about food and then beating myself up over how I looked. I was in such a vicious little cycle and was punishing myself so much for what I was doing but I couldn’t seem to stop.


I was also punishing myself with my workouts, trying to push through my fasted 4.45am cardio then weights in the afternoon and often a third HIIT session too. My body was so tired and so weak but I just wanted to keep pushing and pushing. To try and over compensate for the amount of bad food i was binging on.

It wasn’t until I went to a bbq for my dads birthday where I found myself with my head down the toilet, crying to myself after eating until I felt sick yet again that I realised I had to stop this. I hadn’t yet told anyone what I was doing and I knew the only way to gain control was to stop being alone in my head. I came clean to my husband that night, explained why I was tired and so shut off, that I hated myself and most importantly that I had been making myself sick. As always his support was astounding and we both decided that together we would make it stop.

May 5th was my final night of binging and purging. The very next day I put every ounce of effort into just sorting my head out. Not focusing on that competition body but on just being healthy. 15 days later and every single day has been a battle. I’m technically learning how to be normal again, teaching myself how to eat. I feel I am not yet stable but I am better then I was 2 weeks ago.

I suppose the biggest question is why did this happen? I’m naturally quite a controlling person, and I have obsessive tendencies. In 19 weeks I shed 20kg…so nearly half my body weight and I wasn’t ‘fat’ to begin with. In order to go through prep you not only have to be dedicated but also obsessive. Everything you do, everything that goes into your mouth is calculated and for a reason. When I left prep my mind was in two halves, I wanted to maintain what I had achieved but I also wanted to be free. This left me without any balance and I truly lost control. I went from having a structured life to nothing and no end goal. My brain clearly couldn’t handle this and so I done more then rebound, I fell into the traps of an eating disorder. If truth be known I’ve had some kind of eating disorder for the last 6 months…mainly thanks to prep.



It’s really strange how I went from being healthy and normal, enjoying my food and training to confused as to what was good and what was bad for me. I’m still really having to learn, it’s taken me a good few weeks to try and even strike a balance. I’m still not 100% there with it but I’m controlling my own brain much better then I was.

Truthfully it pisses me off that this is such a hidden subject within the fitness industry. Absolutely no one warns you what it’s like coming off prep, the eating disorders that develop are hidden and it’s so wrong because it’s nothing to be ashamed about. When you’ve put your body through that much stress then resuming some kind of normality is a massive shock to the system because prep almost becomes normal to you. This really is something that should be spoken about openly so people don’t have to go through it.

Ultimately I want to compete again next year, I do consider myself to be in off season. My mind is really torn however as I hate my current condition but I know my state of mind is much more important, I want to grow but then I also want to lean. I had a taste of that lean body that I worked so hard to see but it wasn’t in a maintainable way and I honestly don’t know how to find something maintainable. This is all something I will work out, I have a massive amount of support behind me. I just need to find what it is I really want and gain some focus and clarity. This is my current condition as of today…and I’m really not happy with it, it’s not what I anticipated 4 weeks post comp.


The fitness industry is vicious, it’s brutal and it will break you if you let it. It’s also full of hidden secrets and bulimia is a particularly large one of these. Be prepared, be aware and make sure you continue lapping up that support!!
G xx


Weekly round up #2

How can I start this post…

I am so tired, the last few weeks have been tough and that’s why I’ve been so quiet! I’ve been so focused and so much has been going on. Everyday has been non stop go, go go!

Last week sucked. Prep really really got to me, like I couldn’t even differentiate between days. Sure there’s been some highs but all I seem to be able to remember is a ton of lows. I think I gave everyone around me some serious stick last week and I’m sure I barely smiled. Maybe it was  the super low calories, maybe it’s the added cardio, whatever it done me in.

Right from the start of prep I said I would be honest, there is absolutely no point glossing it over. Prep is hard and it isn’t fun especially this late in the game. Weird thing is I kind of love how much I hate it, glutton for punishment?

Lets come away from the negatives for a bit. I got to share a beautiful date with my son this week on the previous Thursday, I’ve already mentioned that in Friday favourites. We seriously had such a nice time, he’s one awesome kiddo and it may have only been a couple of hours but it just felt good to be mum and wear normal clothes!

In Fact because I’ve been home more I’ve been able to do more mum things which has been really good! We made Rice Krispy bars On the Monday, Pancakes Sunday and I’ve been able to do some of their favourite foods! Brooke went to town on egg’n soldiers for lunch, I used to love that as a kid!


Last weekend I done a trail run of hair and make up for show day. I know I need heavy make up to stand out on stage and I knew I wanted something quite dark for my eyes. I think I’m almost there with it, there’s a few tweaks to be made. All in all I’m okay with make up, I learnt tricks from my modelling days but my hair is a lost cause. I don’t really want it down simply because I hate having my hair down but I think it’s going to be the easiest thing to do. It’s just annoying having to move it turning my back position!


I’ve also came in at my leanest last week. I hit a low weight of 50.3kg so that’s a massive 17.4kg lost in the last 17 weeks! Many people comment on how good it’s coming together and others are telling me I’ve taken it too far, go eat a pizza, you look ill etc etc. It’s really irked me this week because no one has any right to comment on someone’s weight. Fat, skinny, muscular, in between if your healthy it shouldn’t matter what you look like. And let’s face it I won’t be able to hold this physique forever.

On a not so positive note Dean and I decided to rehome Max the Sprocker this week. We both love and adore him but it just hasn’t been working for any of us. Max needs a lot of time and attention and we are both too busy with work, Brooke and then Warrick (who is autistic) that we can’t give him what he needs. Plus my house is wrecked from scratching and chewing and all in all its just become too much. He left us Monday to travel to his new home. It’s been a really horrible decision to make and I’m going to miss his crazy little soul but there’s no point in being selfish, he needs more then what I can give him.

Reflecting on the week I needed to pull myself together, I had let prep hit me way too hard and it’s not been fair on the people supporting me the most. I put myself into this no one else and I knew it wouldn’t be easy.

Therefore I came into this week with a new frame of mind. Determined to completely focus and enjoy it and I have managed just that! I started my new job on Monday. It’s gone amazingly well, I honestly could not wish for a better place to work. If your local to the area I am now personal training from Revolution Pt’s Brighton. It’s an awesome studio right by the train station, perfect location. I’ve spent this morning planning my diary and sessions, it feels great!


A lot of my training has been done here this week and it’s been so good to train somewhere new. There’s a gorgeous balcony overlooking Brighton and it’s been warm enough to train outside. I really do feel very lucky to work here.

Aside from work I’ve just been focused on prep. It’s going to be quiet on here as I’m now 6 days out. I can’t wait to share my condition next Sunday! I’ve got a week of water loading & dehydration a head of me and the crunch is really on! I’m now 49.8kg as of today so weight is still dropping, I’m barely sleeping which I think is due to hunger but I’ve got a matter of days left! Tomorrow I have a hair appointment to freshen up my colour, weds I have nails being done (pretty Swarovski crystals to decorate them with!) I’m really looking forward to the week ahead!


Most popular post this week: Chocolate rice Krispy bars you’ve either got a ton of Easter eggs left or your chocolate fiends (but seriously thank you for reading!)

My favourite post to write: Reverse dieting it felt really positive to make a post competition plan and share it!

My favourite part of this week…getting to spend much more time with Dean. We’ve really made sure we take time this week we needed it! Also snuggling into bed under brand new sheets. New sheets always make me happy. I do tend to only buy new sheets when I’m feeling really low…they pick me up!


I will leave you with this…never ever give up!


Have a wonderful Sunday!!!




Pancakes for one. The perfect Sunday breakfast

Weekends, specifically Sunday’s were made for pancakes right? Warrick loves nothing more then pancakes with Nutella and a chocolate drizzle at the weekends, infact he often gets up earlier then normal in excitement if he knows pancakes are on the menu. The issue is that often pancakes result in more batter then I need for just him as he never eats more then two and right now I can’t help him out with what’s left over. Bummer.

I don’t know why i didn’t realise earlier but recipes can be adjusted…brain wave…change the amounts to just get one serving! These pancakes came out perfect, they were big and fluffy and ridiculously melt in the mouth soft. I made two rather large pancakes but you could easily get 3-4 smaller ones from this recipe. It’s also super easy and quick!

Here’s what you will need: 

3/4 cup plain flour

1/2 tsp sugar

pinch of salt

2 tsp baking powder

1 medium egg

1 tbsp olive oil

1/2 cup milk

1 tsp vanilla extract

In a medium mixing bowl simply combine all ingredients, no need for seperation or mucking around. It will form quite a thick batter and it doesn’t matter if it’s slightly lumpy.


Heat a pancake pan on a medium heat and pour in your desired amount, cook until it starts to bubble slightly and then flip. Cook on the other side, normally this is no longer then 1-2 minutes per side. Voila perfect fluffy American style pancake!


Friday favourites


I love Fridays, it signals the end of the working week, 3 days off Plus Saturday is always a rest day and this week jeez I really need one of those! It feels like all I have done this week is train and eat and barely sleep. I am so exhausted, I’ve just got to get through work until 10pm tonight and then I can flop into bed and try to get some rest until that 4.45am alarm.

We are now 15 days out. What! Just 15 days from my first bodybuilding competition, it’s all of a sudden just come round so so quickly! I’m getting more nervous as the days go by, I’m working harder then ever too and my moments of wanting to quit have at least doubled this week! They soon get over turned by a warm feeling of pride that I’m actually going to do it!

So onto my Friday favourites!

This little dude! 


We spent the morning together yesterday and it was blissful. His sister was with Nan and so we jumped on a bus, went for a wander round town and hit Starbucks for coffee & hot chocolate. I haven’t been around much lately due to prep and it was so nice to take some time and just talk to him and be together. It’s something I need to do much more often as this little lad is certainly amazing!

Pinterest. How have I only just discovered Pinterest!! Like seriously it’s the most addictive thing ever and is 100% making my food addiction worse. I must check it a thousand times a day.  I have tons of separate folders and I’m collecting loads of recipes to make post comp! I cannot wait to get cooking and baking again.

Nut butters. Yeah so I have a confession… I can’t stop buying nut butter, it’s not even in my diet. I just keep buying tubs, opening and smelling them and then putting them in the cupboard. I’ve got some serious issues and I need to stop! 15 days and I can reunite my love for PB!

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Being a mum that trains + falafel thoughts…

Hey guys!

Its mid week, it’s Wednesday, the weekend is almost within reach!

I get so many people ask me how I juggle everything on a daily basis. I have two little ones, I work and I train 7 days a week…along with running a household. It always gets me thinking about how I do manage everything. If I were to go back 3 years, I was a stressed out working mum who rarely looked after herself, very rarely feed herself a meal and was utterly unhappy with my life. I always seemed to have so much going on everyday and there was never any down time. I wanted to go to the gym but would make up excuses – ‘The kids need me home’ ‘I’m too tired and have too much to do’ or the old classic ‘I don’t have the time’. Looking back I can see that they were just excuses.

For me the gym is a release, it’s my space and it’s my time and it’s so valuable. On the flip side it’s so easy to get caught up in everyday life and not make any time for yourself. My attitude now is completely different to how it was those years ago, I know I deserve a break and I know that having the time do some thing I love keeps me sane and fresh. Whether it’s parenting or work you still need to feel human. For me I found the gym, in particular lifting weights, delivered that. It could be running, crafts, reading, watching tv on your own or taking that well deserved bubble bath. Everybody needs some time out and I truly believe that getting just a little bit daily is a good thing.

So back the question in hand – how do I find the time? It’s simple, I make it happen. Of course there are days where it’s not possible, that’s life and things happen out of the blue but a strong 90% of the time I make sure I reserve some time everyday to do something for myself. I feel it makes me a better mum, wife and person.

I tend to plan my weeks out from a Sunday, I keep a diary of everywhere I need to be the following week and that way I can see my openings. There are times where I’m in the gym first thing and then other days where I’m not there until 8pm but regardless I will still do it. I am very fortunate to have a supportive husband and a loving family who live less then 1 minute away from me, they really do help to make it all happen. If your not in this situation it’s all still possible you just have to be forward thinking and think outside of the box.

It’s okay to be a little bit selfish, being a parent doesn’t make you any less of a person then what you were before, infact it makes you more of a person. Your suddenly juggling so much in your life and have so much responsibility. There is absolutely nothing wrong with needing a little you time – you totally deserve it. You just have to make the time for yourself, love yourself as much as you love your little ones.

On a side note – falafel… I literally cannot stop thinking about falafel. I know it’s completely random but that falafel & hummus sandwich is doing my brain some serious damage right now!

Just how good do these Falafel burgers look from Spoon fork bacon. I’m telling you I’m obsessed!!

How do you make time for yourself between being a parent and being a person? 

Reverse dieting: How I plan to avoid binge eating post competition

Post competition diets…this is something that’s really floated through my mind a lot lately. I’m now just 17days out from show and I’m so focused and driven that even the hunger isn’t an issue for me anymore. However what happens when I have nothing driving me anymore? Once I’ve walked off that stage I’m potentially free to go and eat whatever I want, whenever I want. Do I want to reverse over 2 years of hard work in a matter of weeks? No of course not.

When you’ve dieted hard for 19 weeks you NEED to refeed yourself. There’s only so long your body and mind can manage on complete restriction but it’s often post comp that you see so many athletes completely loose control of their dietary habits. Whilst you 100% need to let your hair down letting post competition binge eating lead into days/weeks will cause serious metabolic damage. During contest prep your body will become incredibly finely tuned. Bingeing on a long term basis will affect your hormonal system, insulin and thyroid activity will change, endorphins will be released and your going to send your entire body into overdrive. In as little as 2 days your body will start needing junk food due to the increased stimulation that it’s received. Once your at this stage it is incredibly difficult to stop so the best thing you can do is start preparing your mind for post competition whilst you are still in prep.

Heres my plan for post competition 

  1. Have 24 hours off. Eat whatever I like during this 24 hours. Enjoy the food that I have missed but also remember to feed my body some good nutritional value.
  2. Maintian water intake at least 6 litres daily. Water retention is going to be high and the majority of weight gained post competition will be water. The more I drink the less I will hold.
  3. Once my free 24 hours are up return to my pre contest diet at approximately 6-4weeks out. I will however have dinner as a family meal but this will be weighed and portioned accordingly to avoid overeating (I’m going to monitor this and see if I has any adverse affects).
  4. Be aware around social situations and don’t boredom eat.
  5. Keep my cardio levels at around 50% of my post contest amount. So for me it will be around 3 1xhour cardio sessions a week.
  6. Maintain weight gain at 5-10lbs. I do not want to be gaining any more then this. It’s a reasonable amount to be able to get off reasonably quickly.
  7. Continue eating 7 meals a day and maintain my high protein intake whilst keeping carbohydrates located to post workout and my evening family meal.
  8. Keep carbohydrates wholesome!
  9. If – and only if- I am maintaining well allow a small treat meal once weekly, if I am gaining too quickly for any reason this will be adjusted.
  10. Stay just as focused as I was during prep.

I know that this sounds really structured and possibly not much fun but I’ve realised it has to be this way. I’ve worked so hard to get my body into the condition it is I would become depressed really quickly.

I think it’s really easy to walk into prep thinking it’s okay it’s only 16-19 weeks of my life but it’s actually so much more then that. It extends well past competition. Think of it almost as food rehab, you have to rehabilitate your own body to process food again. Plus if you want to compete again you need to remain in somewhat lean condition.

I think contest prep has taught me a lot, it’s trained me to be really strong willed and I’m hoping that I can carry this on well past prep and actually into the rest of my life. It’s shown me some really good principles to have and shown me that I can train my mind as well as my body.

If you are in contest prep or even just really heavy dieting then it’s such a good idea to prepare a plan for the end! I think it may be the best choice you make if I’m honest!


Chocolate rice cereal bars to use up those spare Easter eggs!

Happy Monday! How are you today? I’m one sore lady following last nights leg session. I think it was practically illegal for me to drive on the way home, my legs were so numb!

I dropped another 0.5kg this morning. I wish I could share update pictures but my coach has imposed a social media sharing blackout until the day I compete. Safe to say I’m struggling with that, I’m a total social media flirter and I share everything! Safe to say my life is documented via Instagram.

Anyway, chocolate rice cereal bars…! The kids (no word of a lie) received about 12 Easter eggs EACH this year. I know insane amount. I knew they were never going to eat them all, at least not whole. And Brooke doesn’t even eat the eggs, just the accompanying bags/eggs/bars that come with them. Truthfully they were driving me pretty nuts just sitting in bowls in my kitchen. Partly because prep head here is gagging for some chocolate and partly because they just looked messy on top of the fridge. I made 2 trays using 10 eggs, I still have 8 eggs left!

Warrick was bored, I was fretting over the housework that needed doing and wasn’t really spending any good time with him this morning. He was driving me slightly crazy so I put down my broom and we whipped these up! There is no set recipe here, it was a bit pour it in, add some more. But you will get the jist!


How good do they look! Definitely repeating this in 3 weeks once I’m out of prep. Although we used Easter eggs you could easily of course use normal chocolate!

What you will need…

1 baking tray (we used a flan tray, the baking trays gone walkies)

5 Easter eggs (or any desired chocolate)

Rice cereal (or cornflakes even!)

A few knobs of butter

Decoration sweets/chocolates

How to…

Heat a small pan of water over the hob. Once boiled grab a bowl that will sit on top of the pan without room for the water to splash/escape and get into the bowl. Turn down hob heat to simmer.

Add 4 broken up Easter eggs and slowly melt all the chocolate. In a separate bowl pour out a decent amount of cereal – don’t worry about the amount you can always add more if need be later. Once the chocolate is all melted (leave the water to simmer, you will need it again) pour over the cereal and give it a good mix. I let Warrick do this bit, he enjoyed sneaking bits out of the bowl and into his mouth! If there’s any left once mixed up pour into a baking tray and smooth over with the back of a spoon so it’s equally spread out! I used a dish with a loose base so I could push it out, I would highly suggest this!


For the fudge topping melt the final Easter egg with a few knobs of butter over the simmering water. It will become a little stiff but give it a good stir and add a touch more butter to loosen it if need be.


Pour the fudge mix on top of your cereal mix and gently spread over the top! Now decorate! We made two batches, Warrick decorated one with jelly beans and golden chocolate balls and the second with broken up Cadbury caramel nibbles and the remaining jelly beans. Pop into the fridge for 30 minutes.


Once set take out of the tray and cut into bars of whatever size you like!


So it’s a bit of a hodge podge of a recipe but it’s fun to make with the kids or even just as a treat to yourself and it most definitely got the desired approval from the children! Even my husband who’s the fussiest person ever especially with chocolate was groaning over them – he like me is dieting!

So it’s not all about chicken, broccoli and super healthy eating hear at GraceFit…. ‘Treat yo’ self’ it doesn’t hurt once in a while!


Weekly round up #1

What are you doing with your Sunday? Is it a rest day, are you training or tucking into that family dinner round the table? For me it’s leg day, no rest for the wicked! My coach seems to have it in for my legs lately too, suffice to say I’m not looking forward to the squat – walking lunge super sets later.

So another week draws to a close. Does anyone else feel this year is flying by? January felt like it was only last week! I kind of need it to slow down, Brooke starts primary school this year and I’m not quite ready to process that.

Heres a round up of my week, the highs, the lows and all the in betweens!

My week kicked off with a posing session on Monday. I am now having sessions on a weekly basis as well as my nightly practice as I do really struggle with posing. This week we focused on T-Walk and it was a really positive session!


Tuesday saw a bit of a low day. Dusty here I’ve had for 11 years, he’s very much my first ‘child’. Over the past few months his health has deteriorated and Tuesday confirmed that he has heart disease, is anaemic and has the first stages of kidney failure. Unfortunately because so much is now wrong with little dust there is no longer anything they can do. I’m heartbroken to say the least but just focuses on making what ever time he had left comfortable and loving.


Wednesday and Thursday saw me jumping on board a train and travelling to Islington, London. This was so exciting for me as I was there training for my new position at Revolution Personal Training Studio as Brightons new personal trainer! I wanted to do this for over a decade and I’m so glad it’s finally happening! My prep brain got the best of me whilst I was there however, not only did I manage to not pack my food properly which resulted in it all going off and costing me £20 for 4 plain chicken breasts and some boiled veggies (London prices…seriously!!) but I also booked my hotel for the totally wrong day! I had a slight panic when reception said they weren’t expecting me. Luckily it was sorted swiftly or I could have been in much trouble.


Friday was an emotional one, I don’t know why, maybe the stress of prep hit me but I cried and cursed a lot. People knew at work to not talk to me. It’s strange because I woke in such a positive mood! April 1st confirmed I complete this month, possibly that just took my brain over the edge a little?


The weekend has been rather chilled out, I’ve caught up with my coach. We finalised my last 3 weeks, I am comfortable now knowing I have a plan and I know exactly what I need to do. I took Saturday as a rest day and enjoyed some time being mum, making hot chocolate and milk before bed. It really is the little things.


A day in the life of Grace was the most popular post here this week! Thank you for liking it so much! I will be sure to do another edition soon.

My personal favourite post to share with you guys was Sweet treats. There’s food involved it’s bound to grab my heart!

Talking of food, I’ve been wracking my brains about what I’m going to eat immediately post stage. I know that before I talk to any family or friends I’m going to want to head back to the dressing room and feed myself after months of depletion. For some reason I have really been craving a sandwich for the past 16 weeks, specifically a peanut butter and jam one. I know however this won’t hold up during the day and the jam will seep into the bread etc, I would much rather have it fresh! Today it hit me, a sandwich I could make the morning of the comp that would be wonderful straight after walking off stage…falafel, hummus, fresh tomato and a dash of sweet chilli sauce all put together on fresh, chewy wholemeal bread. I’m salivating at the very thought. This is most definitely the winning sandwich! I haven’t had falafel for over a year!

Baked falafel wraps from A Cozy Kitchen. This is my favourite post I’ve read this week. It’s what reminded me of my love for falafel! The recipe looks amazing!

This weeks best food discoveries are nothing to write home about…unless your in prep! Lean steak mince with carrot sticks for lunch and chicken, courgette, garlic and jalapeño chilli at dinner! Both meals feel like such a relieving break from chicken and broccoli.



So yeah! That’s my week. I’m looking forward to a much more relaxed one next week! I’m home a lot and can just focus on prep and my family.

Share you highs from the past week, what’s been your feel good moment? 

What are your plans for the upcoming week? 

Let me know your favourite blog posts! I would love to check them out! 




Fats and why they are essential in diet.

Why I like high fat and low carbohydrate diets

For me I’m really carbohydrate sensitive both mentally and physically. I bloat and hold water really easily and I have the tendency to gorge on carb based foods. It’s easier if during a time that I need to lean down I really drastically reduce my carbohydrate intake. However carbohydrates are a great source of fuel and energy so without them in my diet where do I get them from? Fats…

Now I’m not saying that I shovel mountains of fat based foods down my throat, far from it. But by playing it smart the body can learn to use fat as a fuel source rather then carbohydrates. We don’t actually need carbs to survive, think of them as an added luxury. What we do need is proteins and fats so by feeding the body a higher proportion of these food groups we are actually allowing our bodies to do what it has been designed to do. Fats don’t make you fat but they can help you burn it.

So what do fats do? 
Fat is essential to our diets, in blunt we cannot live without it. Fat is one of the best fuel sources for the body. It’s highly concentrated and our bodies can even transform it to glucose when needed. Fat is a cushion to our internal organs and our bodies insulation, it aids the absorption of certain vitamins. Fats contain essential fatty acids – note the word ESSENTIAL – our body cannot produce these we have to get them from the food we eat.

Due to fats being calorie dense they will not only give you energy they will also keep you fuller for longer!

Now I’m not advocating a crazy high fat diet, too much fat is not a good thing for our bodies. By making your total daily intake to be around 35% from fat your giving your body just the right amount! It’s a good thing!
These are some of my favourite fat sources:

Coconut oil

I use coconut oil for everything, it’s one of the most versatile products available. From make up remover to hair conditioner to a cooking aid and a moisturiser it’s so multi use and is always featured in my kitchen. It also has endless health benefits!

Competition prep has seen my using coconut oil in a new way…by adding a teaspoon to my coffee twice daily. It took some getting used to, it has to be well mixed or it becomes an oily layer on top of the coffee. It just gives that little bit of extra fuel for my body to reboot with and is a really quick and easy way to get some extra fats into your diets.

Nut butters & Nuts

Hold my hands up, I’m a nut butter lover! Peanut, almond, cashew, etc. A natural nut butter is just blissful for me. I do literally eat it by the spoonful. Just be careful and make sure you do go for a natural nut butter, Whole Earth, Biona & Meridian are really good choices. And be inventive with your nut butters, cook with it, add it to shakes or like me just use a spoon and the tub!

Nuts themselves are also great sources of fats. Preferably plain nuts over salted is the better choice here as sodium can case water retention. They are transportable, filling and delicious whilst being highly nutritious. Just weigh out your portions, its so easy to overeat nuts. They are incredibly calorie dense as well as being nutritious and delicious so a single serving is around 1 ounce (28 grams)


One of the most complete and versatile foods available, and cheap too! Eggs are so underrated, they combine high quality protein and a large portion of good fats. I love mine poached, boiled and even fried with 1 calorie cooking spray when I’m feeling a little extravagant (okay daily then…)

Other excellent sources are avocado, olives & olive oil, seeds, oily fish like salmon, lean red meats, chia seeds

So as most people know there are different types of fat. If you educate yourself on these you can make really good healthy choices which will provide your body with excellent fuel and gets tasty snack at the same time!


The general rule of thumb here is if your unsure check to see if it’s natural. If it’s a naturally grown product then chances are the fats are either good or okay, if it’s processed or deep fried or made in a factory who knows where then make a better choice! Have a treat every now and then, we all love a donut or a caramel slice. My suggestion is make it a once weekly thing, have a designated day once a week where you allow yourself a small serving of something on the naughtier side…there’s absolutely nothing wrong with moderation. It’s all about balance, just don’t be scared of consuming good, high quality fats! Your body will thank you for it.

Check me out two posts in one day! I’m on a role (or just slightly bored at work?)


Thankful Friday’s

ITS FRIDAY!!! Breathe and feel the satisfaction at knowing that the weekend is upon us!

Despite that positive opening today’s actually a rather bad day! I know I posted a down kind of post yesterday and that’s not my intentions for today’s! I will be honest though, I’m so emotional! I’ve cried probably at least 5 times already today, I’ve been really negative towards my coach and possibly my husband (I’m sorry!!)

Coming into 3 weeks out from show and the pressure is hitting, my body is exhausted and my brain is on the verge of quitting every 5 minutes. It’s a really really intense time and I fully admit I am cracking. I need to pull myself back in and so I thought I would create a thankful Friday to think about everything I’m thankful for this week!

Coming home from London – 


Walking through the door to a smiling husband and daughter was so lovely! After tackling  trains and tubes for two days I just wanted home. Spotting my favourite Lilly’s as a welcome home gift was an added bonus.



I love coffee any day of the week but for some reason this week it’s become extra significant in my day. Call it a survival tool maybe?

New opportunities


This little gem of a location is where my foreseeable working future will be and I cannot express enough how overjoyed and excited I am!

Its April


This means not only the start of a new job but my first competition in 23days! Wow!


I am thankful for Dean everyday, naturally he’s my husband. However the sheer level of support that he is giving me lately is phenomenal. Competing is very selfish in itself, teamed with travelling for a new job and you have one guy who is managing a household and two small children. He doesn’t complain and is there for my every dark moment. Sending me motivation like below when he knows I really really need it. Nothing I ever do will thank this man enough.


How amazing are those words.

Theres so much to be thankful for this week. It’s been really tough and had many glum moments but reflecting its really far from all bad.

What are you thankful for this week? 

Have a gorgeous weekend!