Well here it goes my first post!

Hello hello!

Welcome to my little blog! I’ve wanted to blog for a long time but never had the confidence that my life was even interesting enough to write about. This place will be like my journal, documenting my thoughts, feelings, things I love and ideas. I really hope that it is somewhat interesting to someone out there!

So a little about me…I’m Grace, a 27 year old mum of two wife of one. My fitness journey has been ongoing for around 9 years but it’s only in the past year and a half I have really taken it seriously. Now a fully qualified personal trainer and 4 weeks out from my first body building competition I’ve suddenly found myself doing all the things I’ve always wanted to do. It’s been a challenging road, and every day brings new surprises.

Feel free to join me not only on my journey to the stage but on a complete fitness journey. It has it’s ups and downs but I love sharing what I’m passionate about and helping others in the process!




2 thoughts on “Well here it goes my first post!

  1. lexilife says:

    Welcome to the world of fitness blogging! You’re stunning and looking in such good shape, what a way to start. I think it’s often underestimated just how many people our pots can reach out to, so sharing your thoughts ect may inspire others without even knowing! Also, you never know where it can lead you. But now you’ve conjured up the confidence to get started…that’s half the battle done, now you’re free to blog away! Good luck! xx



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