Food fantasies and what I will be indulging on post competition

Hey! How are we doing today? It’s the day before Easter, chocolate warfare has taken hold of the nation. Everywhere you go, everyone you see has at least one beautiful, silky, milky chocolate egg…and I can’t have any of it.

All the chocolate indulgence has got me thinking, what do I miss from what I deem ‘normal’ life. I’ve had some major food cravings in the past 14 weeks, I look at food A LOT more then what is socially acceptable. If you walk down the street eating a cookie from the bakery I will follow you…be warned.

There are certain things that I really think about though, and here they are in all their carby, cheesy, sugary and generally calorific glory.


Oh I miss pasta…I miss making homemade sauces with chilli, smoked bacon and garlic! I miss that feeling of looking down at that plate of carbs knowing that satisfaction is right there.

I specifically have been craving my mums homemade lasagne. This dish is a thing of beauty. Covered in cheese, with a rich beef ragu, it’s just wonderful and I will most definitely be enjoying one all to myself post comp.




Before I started prep it was tradition in my house that I would make pancakes for the family breakfast on Saturday mornings. It started our weekend off perfectly to dine on a stack of fluffy pancakes drenched in sugar free syrup. Blueberry or banana pancakes come to mumma!

In truth I’ve really missed this time. There’s so much satisfaction in cooking something up for the entire family to enjoy right at the start of your weekend.



I take pride in being known as a cake fiend, if there’s cake I’m gonna eat it. It’s truly that simple. I adore it, I don’t care what cake it is it’s going in my mouth. Buttercream, carrot cake, fresh fruit with fresh cream…once this is over its all going on.

In fact my mum is on cake duty to have a carrot cake with sour cream frosting ready stage side for as soon as I walk off. Cake is going down!




Pizza, who doesn’t love pizza? For me specifically it’s Pizza Express. There’s a link here, on a Thursday myself and my husband would train together then leave the gym and immediately hit up Pizza Express. It was our weekly date. Having two kids doesn’t leave much time for one another but this was always our time and I’m so so looking forward to rekindling this habit once more.

Pizza is heaven sent.


Nutella and Peanut Butter from the jar

Yep that’s right, there was never anything more perfect as a combo then these two. One spoon, two jars, dip away.


PB & J sandwiches

This has been my all time biggest craving since I started 14 weeks ago. Toasted whole meal bread, lashings of proper salted butter, natural PB & raspberry jam. It’s dominated my thoughts, driven me to do my cardio, and made me whimper just thinking about it. The simplest of meals but the best thing I could ever think of.

The morning after my comp this will be the first thing I eat, and if I want to eat 5 rounds believe me I will! I’ve earned this!


So that’s my line up, that’s what I’ve truly missed. A lot of it is normal, simple, home cooked food. Nothing lavish or extravagant just homely meals.

I started collecting a bag of treats for my husband to have to hand once I depart the UKBFF body fitness stage. I’m trying to be careful with my selections, I know I’m likely to get into a sugar coma and risk making myself I’ll but after 18 weeks of heavy dieting I want an immediate treat. Here’s what I have so far…minus two recent additions of double decker bars cause ya know, chocolate has been a big no go!


4 weeks that’s all I have, then normal life can slowly start to resume. Don’t worry I do have a post competition plan. I don’t intend to blow up like a doll. That however is for another post!

Good night and have a beautifully indulgent Easter!




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