A day in the life of…

Happy Easter everyone! Hope your not too far into a chocolate coma right now! I wanted to give you an insight into my daily life, today’s been a fairly standard day albeit a visit from the Easter bunny! It went a little something  like this.


My alarm goes off, the clocks went forward last night and my body can totally tell it’s missing that hours sleep…I hit the snooze button.


Alarm goes off again and this time I actually drag myself up. I chuck on some leggings and a thick hoodie and head downstairs. It’s time for a quick wake me up, I mix up a strong black coffee with a teaspoon of coconut oil and drain it as quick as a can.


Time for my fasted morning cardio. I use this time to check Facebook, timehop & my online banking. Once I’m done doing that I spend ages scrolling through my Instagram feed and then catch up on blogs I follow. Before I know it my 60 minutes is up! I get off, run through some mandatory stage poses and then take some photos for reference.



I start cooking breakfast and can hear the kids waking. Warrick asks for rice crispies and Brooke just wants a bowl of fruit, fine by me. I’ve got lean beef mince and two whole eggs with 500ml of water, this is my favourite meal!  We sit together and enjoy the first meal of the day!



Warricks desperate for Easter eggs…the kids cottoned on that its Easter! I allow him a quarter of an egg and promise more later. Dean worked until 5am so our egg hunt won’t be until the afternoon.

I spend the next hour saying no to more chocolate and trying to keep them occupied with drawing and Lego whilst I try and get some housework done.


Time for meal no 2! This time it’s chicken & broccoli with a couple of teaspoons of Udos Oil and another 500ml water. I don’t enjoy this meal one little bit and force it down.



The morning is flying by! I’ve managed to blitz each downstairs room including Brooke’s bedroom which is a triumph so I take a coffee break.


The kids are no longer patient and want their Easter to start so I wake Dean. Whilst he gets up I have meal no 3 which is an exact repeat of meal 2…more chicken and broccoli…YAY!! Big thumbs down from me.


I hide the Easter goodies and leave clues for Warrick to read. He’s come on leaps and bounds with his reading lately so I wanted to make it educational and fun.



The hunt was over within 10 minutes, the kids are happy with their haul and I’ve given them permission to open one egg each! Happy babes!!


My mum arrives with yet more eggs. I now have enough chocolate to restock sainsburys and I can’t lie I just want to dive in. I briefly contemplate stealing one for post comp…they wouldn’t know! I make a deal with myself that if there’s some left in 2 weeks I’m taking it!



Max the Sprocker needs a walk! It’s been raining all morning and we have a sudden dry spell so I whisk him out the door and down the park. It’s windy and cold so we cut our walk short, he isn’t liking running into the wind! I take the time to appreciate the surroundings I have on my door step. It’s really easy to forget how lucky I am.




Meal no 4, this time it’s lean beef mince mixed with carrots & garlic and a little fresh basil. Normally I would have spinach or broccoli but I notice I’m running low on both!



Dean tells me to head to the gym. It’s Easter Sunday so bound to be bad for parking but it’s also lashing with rain so I take the chance. It doesn’t pay off I’m back home by 3.30pm after circling for a parking space for 15 minutes! Frustrated as anything but I find Deans occupied the kids so I jump on my bike and do my afternoon cardio. Again I browse Instagram and catch up on blogs for the 60 minute duration.

I notice half way through that I’m dripping with sweat…someone’s left the heating on!!



Meal 5 is now late and I’m starving. This is my only carb dish of the day but I royally mess it up by adding protein powder directly into boiling hot oats. It turns into a clumpy, inedible mess. It gets thrown in the bin and I start again, this time I mix my powder with a tiny bit of water to form a sludge and let my oats cool a bit before topping them! It passes the test…chocolate brownie protein oats are a hit!

Oh and sorry there’s no way to pretty up this meal…



Time for the kids dinner. They actually eat, possibly due to the fact that there’s a mountain of chocolate eggs to choose from for dessert. Hmmm.

We follow dinner with bath time and pyjamas. The kids settle down quickly, why are they behaving?


I finally get to the gym! Parking space right outside and empty gym makes for a win. I hit bi’s, tri’s and shoulders because I had to miss a day this week. My training was 3 Trisets mixing each body part with a minimum of 125 total reps and no rest for 4 sets. I’m fit to cry by the end of it and crazy pumped!



I am home and both kids are in bed watching TV, Dean does a good job when I’m not around (note: thank him more). I’m onto meal no 6, chicken & broccoli again but I mix this one up and add garlic, chilli & basil! It’s beautiful.


I catch up on some washing whilst Dean chills out on his Xbox. This tides me over for a little while.


Finally I sit down! Dean and I catch up on Limitless – We are loving this lately, it’s awesome! And I tuck into my final meal of 2 whole eggs & 2 egg whites. I have innovative idea to create a giant fried egg and with a tiny bit of low sugar ketchup it puts a smile on my face!



The end of my day, a cuddle with Dean in front of the projector before my 10pm bed time!

And thats my day, fairly typical, busy but enjoyable!

What at have you done on your Easter Sunday? Did you train? Relax with family? Or feast on Easter food?




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