Sweet treat ideas I’m dying to try!

Hey people!

I’m currently stuck in a hotel room in London, bored out of my brains looking at food I cannot have…what’s new there? I start a new job next week and I’m here for 2 days training at the main site.  Although it’s nice to be doing something really positive for my career the hotel is just a bit shoddy and there’s not much for me to do until I go back at 9am tomorrow. I’m branching over from just being a gym instructor to actually personal training in a gorgeous private studio in Brighton. It’s an awesome space to be able to work in and I really cannot wait to start. It’s just a shame I’m here on my own bored in a grim little room!

On the plus side my new company is amazing! So welcoming and friendly, so eager to train me and take me on. It’s really nice to go to that kind of environment as where I have been the past 8 months has been less then inviting and a little stale. I’m someone who loves to learn and loves to develop myself and I already feel that my new job is going to really facilitate that. My only downfall is I often lack self confidence, I know what I’m talking about but sometimes doubt myself and don’t give information freely. I’m not concerned about this and I’m sure it’s something that will come out in time with more experience.

So yes whilst I am bored out of my mind I’m looking up recipes. I am craving a sweet treat and I  plan to make all of these once I’m off prep and I really wanted to share them with you guys! (Note: all images are taken from the actual recipe and are linked as I am yet to try these they are not my own images.)

Raspberry lemon bread with lemon glaze


Just how incredible does this sound! I recently discovered Jen’s blog Peanutbutterandpeppers and I love it! There are sooo many amazing recipes but this really caught my eye. It sounds delightful, summery & light and I love the combination of raspberry and lemon. I am dying to give this a go!

Soft chocolate chip cookies


Who doesn’t love a chocolate chip cookie? And what’s better then a soft, gooey cookie. One that’s easy to make…and these are just that. I really want to make these with white chocolate & dried cranberries. In fact there’s tons of variations you could do! Fudge & pecan, butterscotch, raisin & coconut…it’s endless.

Chocolate protein banana bread


Laura from Liparazzi is actually one of the first blogs I ever followed a few years ago. She’s recently made some huge health changes and and is absolutely killing it with her work outs and nutrition. This chocolate protein banana bread looks so decadent and would make an amazing snack or breakfast. Whats more even the kids would want to give this a go!

Banana choc chip baked oats


Baked oats are on trend right now and believe me I love my oats! At the moment I can’t indulge in extravagant flavours or ingredients but when my time comes! This recipe is great, not only are the flavours adaptable but this is something you could pre prepare meaning that you’ve only got to heat up your breakfast. It’s quick, simple and looks delicious!

Homemade cinnamon rolls


Okay so just how incredible do these sound? My husband loves cinnamon rolls, and I love anything with cinnamon (in fact cinnamon I miss you, come back!) I know for sure these wouldn’t last two minutes in my house! It’s a lot of effort but I can’t help but think 100% worth it.

Right…that’s enough sugar lusting for one night, I’ve got posing practice to get on with. Time to get the heels on and start quarter turning!

Let me know what recipe your craving? Are you on prep or dieting and really missing a certain sweet? Tell me I want to know (partly so I know I’m not the only crazy who looks at food pictures…for hours!)


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