Thankful Friday’s

ITS FRIDAY!!! Breathe and feel the satisfaction at knowing that the weekend is upon us!

Despite that positive opening today’s actually a rather bad day! I know I posted a down kind of post yesterday and that’s not my intentions for today’s! I will be honest though, I’m so emotional! I’ve cried probably at least 5 times already today, I’ve been really negative towards my coach and possibly my husband (I’m sorry!!)

Coming into 3 weeks out from show and the pressure is hitting, my body is exhausted and my brain is on the verge of quitting every 5 minutes. It’s a really really intense time and I fully admit I am cracking. I need to pull myself back in and so I thought I would create a thankful Friday to think about everything I’m thankful for this week!

Coming home from London – 


Walking through the door to a smiling husband and daughter was so lovely! After tackling  trains and tubes for two days I just wanted home. Spotting my favourite Lilly’s as a welcome home gift was an added bonus.



I love coffee any day of the week but for some reason this week it’s become extra significant in my day. Call it a survival tool maybe?

New opportunities


This little gem of a location is where my foreseeable working future will be and I cannot express enough how overjoyed and excited I am!

Its April


This means not only the start of a new job but my first competition in 23days! Wow!


I am thankful for Dean everyday, naturally he’s my husband. However the sheer level of support that he is giving me lately is phenomenal. Competing is very selfish in itself, teamed with travelling for a new job and you have one guy who is managing a household and two small children. He doesn’t complain and is there for my every dark moment. Sending me motivation like below when he knows I really really need it. Nothing I ever do will thank this man enough.


How amazing are those words.

Theres so much to be thankful for this week. It’s been really tough and had many glum moments but reflecting its really far from all bad.

What are you thankful for this week? 

Have a gorgeous weekend!


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