Weekly round up #1

What are you doing with your Sunday? Is it a rest day, are you training or tucking into that family dinner round the table? For me it’s leg day, no rest for the wicked! My coach seems to have it in for my legs lately too, suffice to say I’m not looking forward to the squat – walking lunge super sets later.

So another week draws to a close. Does anyone else feel this year is flying by? January felt like it was only last week! I kind of need it to slow down, Brooke starts primary school this year and I’m not quite ready to process that.

Heres a round up of my week, the highs, the lows and all the in betweens!

My week kicked off with a posing session on Monday. I am now having sessions on a weekly basis as well as my nightly practice as I do really struggle with posing. This week we focused on T-Walk and it was a really positive session!


Tuesday saw a bit of a low day. Dusty here I’ve had for 11 years, he’s very much my first ‘child’. Over the past few months his health has deteriorated and Tuesday confirmed that he has heart disease, is anaemic and has the first stages of kidney failure. Unfortunately because so much is now wrong with little dust there is no longer anything they can do. I’m heartbroken to say the least but just focuses on making what ever time he had left comfortable and loving.


Wednesday and Thursday saw me jumping on board a train and travelling to Islington, London. This was so exciting for me as I was there training for my new position at Revolution Personal Training Studio as Brightons new personal trainer! I wanted to do this for over a decade and I’m so glad it’s finally happening! My prep brain got the best of me whilst I was there however, not only did I manage to not pack my food properly which resulted in it all going off and costing me £20 for 4 plain chicken breasts and some boiled veggies (London prices…seriously!!) but I also booked my hotel for the totally wrong day! I had a slight panic when reception said they weren’t expecting me. Luckily it was sorted swiftly or I could have been in much trouble.


Friday was an emotional one, I don’t know why, maybe the stress of prep hit me but I cried and cursed a lot. People knew at work to not talk to me. It’s strange because I woke in such a positive mood! April 1st confirmed I complete this month, possibly that just took my brain over the edge a little?


The weekend has been rather chilled out, I’ve caught up with my coach. We finalised my last 3 weeks, I am comfortable now knowing I have a plan and I know exactly what I need to do. I took Saturday as a rest day and enjoyed some time being mum, making hot chocolate and milk before bed. It really is the little things.


A day in the life of Grace was the most popular post here this week! Thank you for liking it so much! I will be sure to do another edition soon.

My personal favourite post to share with you guys was Sweet treats. There’s food involved it’s bound to grab my heart!

Talking of food, I’ve been wracking my brains about what I’m going to eat immediately post stage. I know that before I talk to any family or friends I’m going to want to head back to the dressing room and feed myself after months of depletion. For some reason I have really been craving a sandwich for the past 16 weeks, specifically a peanut butter and jam one. I know however this won’t hold up during the day and the jam will seep into the bread etc, I would much rather have it fresh! Today it hit me, a sandwich I could make the morning of the comp that would be wonderful straight after walking off stage…falafel, hummus, fresh tomato and a dash of sweet chilli sauce all put together on fresh, chewy wholemeal bread. I’m salivating at the very thought. This is most definitely the winning sandwich! I haven’t had falafel for over a year!

Baked falafel wraps from A Cozy Kitchen. This is my favourite post I’ve read this week. It’s what reminded me of my love for falafel! The recipe looks amazing!

This weeks best food discoveries are nothing to write home about…unless your in prep! Lean steak mince with carrot sticks for lunch and chicken, courgette, garlic and jalapeño chilli at dinner! Both meals feel like such a relieving break from chicken and broccoli.



So yeah! That’s my week. I’m looking forward to a much more relaxed one next week! I’m home a lot and can just focus on prep and my family.

Share you highs from the past week, what’s been your feel good moment? 

What are your plans for the upcoming week? 

Let me know your favourite blog posts! I would love to check them out! 





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