Chocolate rice cereal bars to use up those spare Easter eggs!

Happy Monday! How are you today? I’m one sore lady following last nights leg session. I think it was practically illegal for me to drive on the way home, my legs were so numb!

I dropped another 0.5kg this morning. I wish I could share update pictures but my coach has imposed a social media sharing blackout until the day I compete. Safe to say I’m struggling with that, I’m a total social media flirter and I share everything! Safe to say my life is documented via Instagram.

Anyway, chocolate rice cereal bars…! The kids (no word of a lie) received about 12 Easter eggs EACH this year. I know insane amount. I knew they were never going to eat them all, at least not whole. And Brooke doesn’t even eat the eggs, just the accompanying bags/eggs/bars that come with them. Truthfully they were driving me pretty nuts just sitting in bowls in my kitchen. Partly because prep head here is gagging for some chocolate and partly because they just looked messy on top of the fridge. I made 2 trays using 10 eggs, I still have 8 eggs left!

Warrick was bored, I was fretting over the housework that needed doing and wasn’t really spending any good time with him this morning. He was driving me slightly crazy so I put down my broom and we whipped these up! There is no set recipe here, it was a bit pour it in, add some more. But you will get the jist!


How good do they look! Definitely repeating this in 3 weeks once I’m out of prep. Although we used Easter eggs you could easily of course use normal chocolate!

What you will need…

1 baking tray (we used a flan tray, the baking trays gone walkies)

5 Easter eggs (or any desired chocolate)

Rice cereal (or cornflakes even!)

A few knobs of butter

Decoration sweets/chocolates

How to…

Heat a small pan of water over the hob. Once boiled grab a bowl that will sit on top of the pan without room for the water to splash/escape and get into the bowl. Turn down hob heat to simmer.

Add 4 broken up Easter eggs and slowly melt all the chocolate. In a separate bowl pour out a decent amount of cereal – don’t worry about the amount you can always add more if need be later. Once the chocolate is all melted (leave the water to simmer, you will need it again) pour over the cereal and give it a good mix. I let Warrick do this bit, he enjoyed sneaking bits out of the bowl and into his mouth! If there’s any left once mixed up pour into a baking tray and smooth over with the back of a spoon so it’s equally spread out! I used a dish with a loose base so I could push it out, I would highly suggest this!


For the fudge topping melt the final Easter egg with a few knobs of butter over the simmering water. It will become a little stiff but give it a good stir and add a touch more butter to loosen it if need be.


Pour the fudge mix on top of your cereal mix and gently spread over the top! Now decorate! We made two batches, Warrick decorated one with jelly beans and golden chocolate balls and the second with broken up Cadbury caramel nibbles and the remaining jelly beans. Pop into the fridge for 30 minutes.


Once set take out of the tray and cut into bars of whatever size you like!


So it’s a bit of a hodge podge of a recipe but it’s fun to make with the kids or even just as a treat to yourself and it most definitely got the desired approval from the children! Even my husband who’s the fussiest person ever especially with chocolate was groaning over them – he like me is dieting!

So it’s not all about chicken, broccoli and super healthy eating hear at GraceFit…. ‘Treat yo’ self’ it doesn’t hurt once in a while!



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