Being a mum that trains + falafel thoughts…

Hey guys!

Its mid week, it’s Wednesday, the weekend is almost within reach!

I get so many people ask me how I juggle everything on a daily basis. I have two little ones, I work and I train 7 days a week…along with running a household. It always gets me thinking about how I do manage everything. If I were to go back 3 years, I was a stressed out working mum who rarely looked after herself, very rarely feed herself a meal and was utterly unhappy with my life. I always seemed to have so much going on everyday and there was never any down time. I wanted to go to the gym but would make up excuses – ‘The kids need me home’ ‘I’m too tired and have too much to do’ or the old classic ‘I don’t have the time’. Looking back I can see that they were just excuses.

For me the gym is a release, it’s my space and it’s my time and it’s so valuable. On the flip side it’s so easy to get caught up in everyday life and not make any time for yourself. My attitude now is completely different to how it was those years ago, I know I deserve a break and I know that having the time do some thing I love keeps me sane and fresh. Whether it’s parenting or work you still need to feel human. For me I found the gym, in particular lifting weights, delivered that. It could be running, crafts, reading, watching tv on your own or taking that well deserved bubble bath. Everybody needs some time out and I truly believe that getting just a little bit daily is a good thing.

So back the question in hand – how do I find the time? It’s simple, I make it happen. Of course there are days where it’s not possible, that’s life and things happen out of the blue but a strong 90% of the time I make sure I reserve some time everyday to do something for myself. I feel it makes me a better mum, wife and person.

I tend to plan my weeks out from a Sunday, I keep a diary of everywhere I need to be the following week and that way I can see my openings. There are times where I’m in the gym first thing and then other days where I’m not there until 8pm but regardless I will still do it. I am very fortunate to have a supportive husband and a loving family who live less then 1 minute away from me, they really do help to make it all happen. If your not in this situation it’s all still possible you just have to be forward thinking and think outside of the box.

It’s okay to be a little bit selfish, being a parent doesn’t make you any less of a person then what you were before, infact it makes you more of a person. Your suddenly juggling so much in your life and have so much responsibility. There is absolutely nothing wrong with needing a little you time – you totally deserve it. You just have to make the time for yourself, love yourself as much as you love your little ones.

On a side note – falafel… I literally cannot stop thinking about falafel. I know it’s completely random but that falafel & hummus sandwich is doing my brain some serious damage right now!

Just how good do these Falafel burgers look from Spoon fork bacon. I’m telling you I’m obsessed!!

How do you make time for yourself between being a parent and being a person? 


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