Friday favourites


I love Fridays, it signals the end of the working week, 3 days off Plus Saturday is always a rest day and this week jeez I really need one of those! It feels like all I have done this week is train and eat and barely sleep. I am so exhausted, I’ve just got to get through work until 10pm tonight and then I can flop into bed and try to get some rest until that 4.45am alarm.

We are now 15 days out. What! Just 15 days from my first bodybuilding competition, it’s all of a sudden just come round so so quickly! I’m getting more nervous as the days go by, I’m working harder then ever too and my moments of wanting to quit have at least doubled this week! They soon get over turned by a warm feeling of pride that I’m actually going to do it!

So onto my Friday favourites!

This little dude! 


We spent the morning together yesterday and it was blissful. His sister was with Nan and so we jumped on a bus, went for a wander round town and hit Starbucks for coffee & hot chocolate. I haven’t been around much lately due to prep and it was so nice to take some time and just talk to him and be together. It’s something I need to do much more often as this little lad is certainly amazing!

Pinterest. How have I only just discovered Pinterest!! Like seriously it’s the most addictive thing ever and is 100% making my food addiction worse. I must check it a thousand times a day.  I have tons of separate folders and I’m collecting loads of recipes to make post comp! I cannot wait to get cooking and baking again.

Nut butters. Yeah so I have a confession… I can’t stop buying nut butter, it’s not even in my diet. I just keep buying tubs, opening and smelling them and then putting them in the cupboard. I’ve got some serious issues and I need to stop! 15 days and I can reunite my love for PB!


The chocolate chip and the coconut peanut are first on my list to be attacked!

My 6 pack meal bag 

Dean bought me this for my birthday 3 weeks ago and it’s such a life saver! I carry all of my meals around with me and this keeps everything fresh, safe and not just rattling around in a duffle bag. It’s got compartments that I can fit my iPad, bikini and stage shoes into as well as all my supplements. It has to be said this is possibly the best gift anyone’s ever bought me and I use every single day! If you carry meals around with you these bags are 100% worth the money!

Lastly this delightful quote from my coach whilst I was mid hissy fit. He really knows how to bring me back to reality.




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