Weekly round up #2

How can I start this post…

I am so tired, the last few weeks have been tough and that’s why I’ve been so quiet! I’ve been so focused and so much has been going on. Everyday has been non stop go, go go!

Last week sucked. Prep really really got to me, like I couldn’t even differentiate between days. Sure there’s been some highs but all I seem to be able to remember is a ton of lows. I think I gave everyone around me some serious stick last week and I’m sure I barely smiled. Maybe it was  the super low calories, maybe it’s the added cardio, whatever it done me in.

Right from the start of prep I said I would be honest, there is absolutely no point glossing it over. Prep is hard and it isn’t fun especially this late in the game. Weird thing is I kind of love how much I hate it, glutton for punishment?

Lets come away from the negatives for a bit. I got to share a beautiful date with my son this week on the previous Thursday, I’ve already mentioned that in Friday favourites. We seriously had such a nice time, he’s one awesome kiddo and it may have only been a couple of hours but it just felt good to be mum and wear normal clothes!

In Fact because I’ve been home more I’ve been able to do more mum things which has been really good! We made Rice Krispy bars On the Monday, Pancakes Sunday and I’ve been able to do some of their favourite foods! Brooke went to town on egg’n soldiers for lunch, I used to love that as a kid!


Last weekend I done a trail run of hair and make up for show day. I know I need heavy make up to stand out on stage and I knew I wanted something quite dark for my eyes. I think I’m almost there with it, there’s a few tweaks to be made. All in all I’m okay with make up, I learnt tricks from my modelling days but my hair is a lost cause. I don’t really want it down simply because I hate having my hair down but I think it’s going to be the easiest thing to do. It’s just annoying having to move it turning my back position!


I’ve also came in at my leanest last week. I hit a low weight of 50.3kg so that’s a massive 17.4kg lost in the last 17 weeks! Many people comment on how good it’s coming together and others are telling me I’ve taken it too far, go eat a pizza, you look ill etc etc. It’s really irked me this week because no one has any right to comment on someone’s weight. Fat, skinny, muscular, in between if your healthy it shouldn’t matter what you look like. And let’s face it I won’t be able to hold this physique forever.

On a not so positive note Dean and I decided to rehome Max the Sprocker this week. We both love and adore him but it just hasn’t been working for any of us. Max needs a lot of time and attention and we are both too busy with work, Brooke and then Warrick (who is autistic) that we can’t give him what he needs. Plus my house is wrecked from scratching and chewing and all in all its just become too much. He left us Monday to travel to his new home. It’s been a really horrible decision to make and I’m going to miss his crazy little soul but there’s no point in being selfish, he needs more then what I can give him.

Reflecting on the week I needed to pull myself together, I had let prep hit me way too hard and it’s not been fair on the people supporting me the most. I put myself into this no one else and I knew it wouldn’t be easy.

Therefore I came into this week with a new frame of mind. Determined to completely focus and enjoy it and I have managed just that! I started my new job on Monday. It’s gone amazingly well, I honestly could not wish for a better place to work. If your local to the area I am now personal training from Revolution Pt’s Brighton. It’s an awesome studio right by the train station, perfect location. I’ve spent this morning planning my diary and sessions, it feels great!


A lot of my training has been done here this week and it’s been so good to train somewhere new. There’s a gorgeous balcony overlooking Brighton and it’s been warm enough to train outside. I really do feel very lucky to work here.

Aside from work I’ve just been focused on prep. It’s going to be quiet on here as I’m now 6 days out. I can’t wait to share my condition next Sunday! I’ve got a week of water loading & dehydration a head of me and the crunch is really on! I’m now 49.8kg as of today so weight is still dropping, I’m barely sleeping which I think is due to hunger but I’ve got a matter of days left! Tomorrow I have a hair appointment to freshen up my colour, weds I have nails being done (pretty Swarovski crystals to decorate them with!) I’m really looking forward to the week ahead!


Most popular post this week: Chocolate rice Krispy bars you’ve either got a ton of Easter eggs left or your chocolate fiends (but seriously thank you for reading!)

My favourite post to write: Reverse dieting it felt really positive to make a post competition plan and share it!

My favourite part of this week…getting to spend much more time with Dean. We’ve really made sure we take time this week we needed it! Also snuggling into bed under brand new sheets. New sheets always make me happy. I do tend to only buy new sheets when I’m feeling really low…they pick me up!


I will leave you with this…never ever give up!


Have a wonderful Sunday!!!





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