Hello and thanks for stopping by! 

I created GraceFit in 2016 as a platform to share my passion for fitness and good nutrition. It’s sole purpose is not only to help others but also help myself. This is a space to share my journey and ideas. 

I’m a personal trainer and nutritional advisor for Revolution Personal Training. I’m blessed with an incredible husband dean and two beautiful young children. Combining a family and a career with my passion for training and having a good nutritional diet is no easy feat but it’s entirely possible and i believe it can be for everybody with the right balance. See My journey to the UKBFF for my own personal weight loss story and how I stared this journey. 

GraceFit was not created to judge or to preach. It has been created to help and work with you to help you realise your potential. Offering personal training and nutritional services isn’t all it’s about either. It’s about sharing my life with you, so if your interested already I thank you and welcome!