My Journey to the UKBFF

Something I get asked a lot is why I decided to compete. Its a question I rarely give the honest answer to because its quite detailed. There is enough space for me to write it here though..

Flashback 9 years…age 17 and a size 16. I was unhappy, I was unhealthy and was eating meals for 2 multiple times a day. I knew I wanted to change but I didn’t know how. My life had become so food centred and I had no idea what a healthy choice was. I remember being so self concious, so uncomfortable yet I still feasted on a family size lasagne without even thinking. The kick up the butt came when my periods stopped. After nearly a year of no monthly visits I was diagnosed with PCOS and my doctor told me the one way to help myself would be to loose weight. That was enough to get me started.

I lost my first 1.5 stone using my local weight watchers. I suddenly started feeling really good about myself. I had the confidence to leave my previous bad relationship and started dating my now husband. I eventually left weight watchers and started to really educate myself on basic nutritional principles. I joined my local gym and found that I actually really enjoyed lifting weights. Soon I had lost another 1.5 stone and was finally making good choices for my body. During this time I discovered Jamie Eason. Jamie was the single thing that propelled me for a long time and eventually I realised I wanted to compete.

I decided to bulk and really train as hard as I could and then a surprise came along, I fell pregnant with my son Warrick. I immediately held back on my training which is lucky because Little W arrived at 25 weeks. After a long time in hospital he came home really tiny and fragile and he was my sole concern.

Two years later and I’m pregnant again. During my pregnancy I was also diagnosed with malignant melanoma…clearly pregnancy and I do not get on! Luckily it was caught in time and luckily my pregnancy went full term and Brooke was born healthy and happy.

Competing was still in my heart but I was a mum to two little people and they needed me more then I needed the gym. I was still a tiny size 6, but this was mainly down to complete lack of care. I underfed myself and I rarely done anything to look after my body. One day nearly 2 years ago my husband Dean, who is also a body builder dragged me back into the gym. I really didn’t want to go, I felt so out of the training loop. However I walked in that gym and I felt at home. That was enough to reignite me.

So here I stand now, 2 years later, about to compete! I am so proud of everything I have done over these past 9 years and I cannot wait to see what my future now holds.